St. Katharine Drexel Family Scholarship

Named after St. Katharine Drexel, the patron saint of philanthropy, The Drexel Family Scholarship is awarded to families committed to promoting Catholic Education.


Amount: $1,000 – 5,000 / student (Priority deadline is April 3.)


How to apply: Indicate on school application your intent to apply + family interview.


Award based on: Demonstrated commitment to Catholic education through past philanthropic efforts and a commitment to assist Drexel High School in yearly fundraising goals through solicitation and other fundraising efforts.


Number of Scholarships in 2023: Unlimited

Renewable: Every year.


Acutis Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Named after Blessed Carlos Acutis, this scholarship recognizes students who strive for academic excellence while putting their intellect to use in service for the Catholic Church.


Amount: $4,000

(Priority deadline is April 3.)


How to apply: Indicate on school application your intent to apply + additional teacher recommendation form + Student interview/evaluation.


Award based on: Transcripts, in person evaluation, student interview, on site student essay, and previous teacher/mentor evaluation.


Number of Scholarships in 2023: 2


Renewable: 3 Years based on GPA and teacher evaluations.


Forgione Financial
Aid Award

Named after Padre Pio’s Parents, the Forgione Financial Aid Award is designed to make a quality Catholic education a possibility for all families who share the mission of Drexel. 


Amount: $500 – $7,000 / student

(Priority deadline is April 3.)


How to apply: Fill out the confidential form at + apply for the NC Opportunity Scholarship.


Award based on: Financial need.

Number of Scholarships in 2023: Unlimited


Renewable: New application required each year.  

Every family who shares in the mission of Drexel High School should apply not only for admission but also for scholarships. We have several options to choose from and the scholarships are stackable. If you want a Drexel education for your students you cannot afford to not talk with us. Do not assume we cannot work with you. Connect with us and see what is possible for your family. We want you to be a part of Drexel.



 Every family admitted to Drexel in 2023 will receive a renewable $2,000 scholarship for the students in their family — current and future.  

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The Catechism of the Catholic Church states, “The right and the duty of parents to educate their children are primordial and inalienable.” Every parent ought to have the opportunity to send their students to an authentically Catholic school filled with capable and passionate faculty and staff who want to help their students become who they were created to be. 

At Drexel High School we are on a mission to remove all barriers between your children and an enriching, truth-filled education. To this end, we have carefully thought through tuition and made sure it includes everything your child will need (combined with the will to learn) to have a successful high school career. 

Your family won’t be hit with burdensome and surprise fees. Even lunch is included in our full-time tuition! We are able to offer this low tuition with no fees through careful planning, dedicated staff, and donations from people who believe in the importance of an education focused not just on a college entrance exam but on serving God well in this life and being forever happy with Him in the next. 

We have many scholarship opportunities. If your family is in need of tuition assistance we encourage you to read through the various opportunities and apply for all of the scholarships that apply to your situation. Scholarships are stackable.

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